Monthly Gift Packs for all kinds of pets!

Portrait of group of pets in front of white backgroundHave you heard of these monthly subscription boxes for dogs? Well what about BIRDS, CATS, and other SMALL PETS? Bunny’s Furr and Feathers Funpacks Official knows that feeling! And they have the solution… BFF has awesome packages for all kinds of pets, with treats, food, vitamins, toys, and tons of other stuff. Plus you can pick your own stuff, too! Visit them online at and order yours today!






About Bbff1FF, by BFF: Bunny’s Furr and Feathers FunPacks (“BFF”) is the dream come true for owners Bunny Bennett and Christina Von Toussaint.  Between the two of us, we have over fifty years of being owned by cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, and a variety of farm animals.  Bunny also is a registered veterinarian technician, with over 20 years veterinarian care experience.