Acro-Cats Celebrate Halloween in Spooktacular Style!

The  Acro  Cats Take On Texas!

The FrenetiCore Theatre (5102 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX) welcomes Samantha Martin and The Amazing Acro-Cats, one of only four performing house-cat troupes in the U.S, from November 7th through November 17th.JAX Yoga Ball

Just in time for Halloween, Samantha Martin adds special thrills and chills to her one-of-a-kind Acro-Cats purr-formances with cat-marish tricks including jumping through skeleton wreaths, rolling pumpkins, jumping over tombstones and more! There will be a special appearance by The all cat combo, The Rock-Cats(or in this case, the Skele-cats.) They have grown in size, style and diversity! Two band members have been added – in addition to Oz on guitar, Dakota on drum, and Nue on keyboards, Sookie is on chimes, and Gregory Peck (who happens to be a chicken) can really peck a tambourine.

Rock-Cats newSamantha Martin, Master Trainer and Chief Human for this troupe of Frightful Felines, fully disproves the notion that “cats can’t be trained.”  Under the careful direction of Martin, the “greatest show in cat history” (as Tuna references it) offers a unique blend of spectacle, entertainment and public awareness.  As a pioneering feline behavioral expert and whisperer, Martin has devoted her life to animal welfare and public education, helping people become more responsible pet owners.


Our newest addition, little Alley, steals the show and proves that real household cats – trained using the clicker training method,  can learn!   Many of the Acro-Cats were adopted from shelters and rescue organizations locally and now nationally and Samantha has found homes for over 120 cats and kittens.  These kittens sometimes travel with the Amazing Acro-Cats and are a part of the show as they wait for their ‘fur-ever’ home.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to experience the Amazing Acro-Cats! This show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen !

See the Amazing Acro-Cats Live and in Purr-son     

Thursday and Friday, November 7th  + 8th  7pm

Saturday and Sunday, November 9th + 10th 1, 4, and 7pm

Thursday and Friday, November 14th  + 15th  7pm

Saturday and Sunday, November 16th + 17th 1, 4, and 7pm

All tickets $19  Advanced Tickets on Sale NOW at