By: Anthony Saglimbene, Casper’s Oil CBD Product

The holidays can be hectic and nerve-racking for everyone, including our pets. They get as excited as

we do with all the sights, sounds, and smells. They have to deal with strangers invading their territory,

too. Here are five steps to ensure your pets have a safe and happy holiday.

1. Give your pet a safe place to chill, away from the noise and chaos. Provide them with a closet or

crate with familiar items like blankets, toys, food, and water. When the weather is stormy, or during

New Year’s fireworks, put your pet in a room without windows. If that is not possible, close all blinds

and curtains so he/she can retreat from flashes of light and noise. Your pet may have a spot already

picked out; make sure it is clear of any dangers like plugs, wires, etc.

2. Make sure your pet’s collar has tags with current contact information. If your pet gets loose, this

will help with a safe return home.

3. Be sure to give medications, supplements, or natural products such as Casper’s CBD oil early.

Typically it takes 40 to 60 minutes or longer to take effect. When given too late, they may be of little to

no help.

4. Leave the TV on or play music. A quiet environment is generally preferred in your pet’s safe

place. However, some pets benefit from soft, calming music or TV to buffer outside noise.

5. Give them something to do. A favorite toy or treat can give your pets something to focus on other

than what is stressing them out. Toys that encourage licking or chewing, or those that dispense treats are excellent choices for stress
Put these tips to use for a safe and enjoyable holiday for you and your pets Casper’s Oil – CD products for pets and people are made from 100% US Grown Organic hemp certified by the USDA. Check us out at to learn more or give us a call (800) 683-6479 for a personalized consultation.