By: Lucy Goo Pet Sitting’s Nicole Bruder-Gillis and Shelby Coleman.

Catching on with some momentum is city folks raising chickens…yes, chickens! Some cities allow backyard chickens, while others do not. Fortunately in Houston, you can have up to 30 of them! (If are subject to HOA rules, check their policies.) Raising chickens can yield delicious, healthy eggs but they cal also be fun pets as well.

Here are some of the rules for Houston:

1. The chickens must be housed in a confinement and the coop must be

kept at least 100 feet away from any neighboring homes, churches, or

schools. The coop must also be kept clean.

2. Roosters are not allowed (due to noise).

Other than producing eggs, chickens offer other benefits. One of the main advantages is the fact they are garden guardians by eating harmful insects and weeds. Plus, their droppings also make some of the best fertilizer!

You may also be wondering about chickens as pets and their behavior characteristics. Surprisingly, chickens are more affectionate than you think! They’re great starter pets

for children to learn responsibility, and offer a bonding activity for families!

— Not ready to buy chickens yet? You can ‘rent’ them! There are businesses,

such as ‘Rent a Chicken’ which will supply you with chickens along with the

supplies and coop. The fresh eggs you’ll get might convince you to adopt

and give them a fowl-ever home!