Green Pet Shop Self Cooling Pet Pad-02Here’s an item we wanted to include in this month’s product guide for September, which was all about keeping your pets cool. Unfortunately there was not enough space for this awesome product, so we’re telling you all about it here! The Green Pet Shop Self Cooling Pet Pad cools your dog as soon as they lay on the pad. Its pressure-activated, non-toxic gel formula works immediately. It works great for cats and humans, too. While we were testing out the product we found that it did feel cool to the touch, no matter how warm it was outside. If you’re looking for products for after play, or just every day relaxing, try the Cool Pet Pad from The Green Pet Shop! Get it here starting at $24.99.

About The Green Pet ShopOur goal is to provide products that care for our pets without compromising the environment. The health and therapeudic properties of some of our products are so beneficial that we have decided to carry them even though they may not be as eco-friendly as some others. At TheGreenPetShop, we want everyone to go green and reduce their carbon pawprint.  We know that cost can be a concern so we keep our prices as low as possible to help you and your best pal stay eco-friendly.

There are many products available today that are manufactured with recycled materials. From beds that are constructed with recycled soda bottles to metal hood ornaments for cars, purchasing products made with recycled materials “closes the loop”, and helps preserve our planet. Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and chemical preservatives are harmful to our animals and our environment. Our Anti-Itch Shampoos and Sprays are made from all natural and organic ingredients. Our Biodegradable Wipes are made from natural ingredients and our Poop Bags are Biodegradable as well.

Our priority is to constantly search for products that are made with materials that will not aid in rapidly depleting our planet’s resources. At last report, 1.5 million tons of clay is strip-mined every year to produce cat litter. After the product has been used and disposed of, it is then thrown in to a landfill. One source reports that 50,000 lbs of clay cat litter is disposed of in landfills every week. That’s even more than disposable diapers! We are continually searching for durable products, particularly toys that are made from biodegradable ingredients. Well constructed products last longer than conventional toys that may last a day and then end up in a landfill. We are always open to suggestions, improvements, and ideas. We can always find ways to improve.