Joasis is a place for you and your family to have fun with your dog.  From a terrified beginner dog to a dog who already loves to swim and wants to explore dock diving, Joasis is the place to make it all happen.

Joasis takes it as fast or slow as needed for each dog, based on their individual needs, to give your dog more confidence around water.  They pair you with a trainer who will help accomplish your goals with your pup. For dogs who cannot swim, they start them in a provided life jacket.

For some dogs it is about connecting them with what they were bred to do, like swim. For others it is about facing their fears.  For some it is about hanging out with their friends and playing.  For others it is about rising up to new challenges.  Joasis gives you the space to connect with your dog and strengthen your bond through swimming, diving, beginner paddle boarding, beginner hunt training and so much more! They even have a doggie wash station if you chose to give your pup a bath before headed home!

Joasis is a great place to plan a play date with your best friends or even plan a small birthday party for you pup!  Joasis opened in March of 2020 and has quickly gained the attention of dog lovers all over Houston. Come see why!