HenriettaParty-Sign2We hope everyone has fun plans this New Year’s Eve, and want to remind everyone that with all the fun explosions, comes potential stress for your pet. Fireworks can upset pets as a result of the noise, smell of sulfur, and flashing lights. Be cautions this New Year’s Eve and prepare for the worst, but hope everyone has a good time, including our furry friends. Check that your pets’ ID tags and microchips are up to date, and that any payments have been made to ensure that tracking is active. If your pet does go running off during your fireworks display, a few preparatory steps will make it much easier to find them!

To prepare you can try playing some spooky sound effects or talk loudly to desensitize pets to loud sounds. On the day of the display, be sure that your pets are indoors. Even a pet on a leash can escape if he tries! Better safe than sorry…

Don’t turn out all the lights! Keeping a light on will make him feel more secure, and keep and reduce the visual contrast of light flashes. Close the curtains and, if your animal is kenneled, cover the kennel in a thick blanket. This will also help reduce flashes of light affecting your pet.

To further ease your pet’s mind, try using  familiar sounds to drown out the noise of the explosions. Music or television played at a moderate sound level are familiar sounds that can sooth your pet.

If your pet does run off and hide somewhere inside the house, don’t fuss over them too much. The stress of being hovered over can cause more anxiety that it’s worth to get Mittens out from behind the couch.

After the display be sure and pick up any partially burnt fireworks pieces before letting pets out again, as they can be home to many hazardous chemicals.

Thanks for reading, good luck to the many party hosts and hostesses out there! We are all looking forward to a wonderful new year in 2014!