You’ve been facebooking, myspacing, tweeting, youtubing, chatting and friending and NOW you can do the same with pet lovers in Houston or anywhere in the world! Houston PetTalk and our new affiliate company, have launched a premier social networking site where pet enthusiasts can connect, unite, play and revel with likeminded animal lovers.

Looking for other Houstonians that love Bulldogs? Seeking the latest costume contest to show off your Chihuahua turned Martian? Want to share the endearing video of your fish that you’ve trained to jump through a hoop? Could you feline be the next beautiful face to grace pet food commercials? is the platform to share anything about our furry, feathered, finned or scaled friends.

Launched in December 2009, was created as a place where people with a passion for pets could make connections and share their experiences with other fellow pet owners.  It’s “six degrees of separation” gone wild…you could meet anyone on the planet through the connection of others. is free and extremely user friendly. You can stay in touch with friends, make new contacts, post funny photos, share your pet’s personality, set moods and even post information to a pet wall. It virtually gives pets (and their human companions) their own cyber place.

By signing up with, you can join communities for dogs, cats, fish, birds, lizards, etc. or create your own kingdom. It even offers the option to visit other communities and learn about different types of pets. It’s the perfect place to stay up-to-date with area events, unleash funny stories and even step out of your shell to become a fan of your favorite pet show or charity.

Go to, become a member and start connecting with your inner pet today!