1503294_550304845064915_51392688_nFPA’s long term rescue pets.

The Forgotten Pet Advocates contacted PetTalk about their most long term rescue – for over 8 years they have lived in a boarding kennel. FPA would love to move them into a new and loving home, but the pets require someone very special! Here is what FPA has to say about Gwinn and Rowdy:

Gwinn and Rowdy were born in Oct. 2006. They have spent their whole lives in a boarding kennel, not a shelter, but a place of business. The kennel owner reached out to the founder of FPA, asking for help in finding good homes for not only Gwinn and Rowdy, but many other dogs and cats that had been abandoned or dumped (not only by individuals – but animal rescue groups as well) at her establishment. That is when The Forgotten Pet Advocates was formed…to serve a need many did not know existed, not only here, but all over the US. If you are out of state, check with your local boarding facilities, you may also be able to save a pet that has been abandoned there.