Travel with Avians

Depositphotos_14243629_original copyWritten by Lynne Singerman, Originally published in December 2013. 

Do you think the only safe place for your bird to be is in a cage and inside your house? If so you and your bird are missing out on lots of fun!

Taking your bird with you on outings and trips is wonderful for your bird. Staying in the same place, in the same cage with same couple of toys and nothing to do but eat can lead to cage aggression, cage bonding (won’t come out of cage) and feather damaging behaviors. Monotony and boredom for your bird can do the same thing that it does to us…it can lead to obesity and depression.

So how can you safely and easily take your bird with you? There are wonderful products in every price range. I have my favorites but in order to be fair I will list all the ones that I know of. Whatever type of carrier you choose (even a dog or cat carrier can be modified to work) should always follow these few guidelines:

• Think about how you will be using the carrier when you make your selection. Do you need an airline-approved carrier? Do you want one you can buckle with a seat belt in your car? Will you be carrying it a lot? If so, the weight of the carrier should be considered. Do you want your bird hidden from view or is it fun to let him see the world and let the world admire him?

• Choose a carrier that is easy for you to use and also big enough for your bird to perch comfortably and to move and turn around in. Keep it inside where it stays clean and is easily accessible.

• A travel carrier that resembles your parrot’s regular cage in some way will feel more comfortable for your bird. However, always plan on allowing your bird to adjust to the carrier for a few days. Leave your carrier open near your bird for it to see and to explore.

• The first few outings in the carrier should be short and pleasant. Don’t make the vet or groomer one of your first trips. Adventures in Birds on Westview carries several sizes and types of carriers (at my last visit the Perch & Go Travel Carrier was in stock) and I strongly believe in supporting our local businesses whenever possible.

• Perch & Go Travel Carrier –

• Wingbago –

• Crystal Flight –

• Celltei Birdie Pouch –

• Parrotopia –

My birds eagerly enter their carries and seem thrilled to go out with me. They act excited and stimulated by the change of scene and the friendly people. Taking a bird with me also allows me the pleasure of sharing bird ownership with people that ask about my parrot. Most popular questions are “ Can it talk? “ “What does it say?” “ What kind of bird is it?” “ Can you make it talk now?” The last answer is always “No”. They all talk, but only when they want to.

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