Shelly Rosenber presents the International Equine Summit
October 11 – October 13
Celebrate the launch of My Horses My Healers, Inc, anew non profit sanctuary for horses and humans, with an unrivaled opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your horses and each other.

Location: Apache Springs Ranch, Sonoita, Arizona

Cost: A donation of $500 to My Horses My Healers, Inc, our new horses and humans sanctuary (non-profit). Includes all activities (food and accommodation additional) Make a donation and register now.

Why did you create the International Equine Summit?

“My intention for the International Summit is to be an educational experience for any horse enthusiast. I was looking for all different kinds of presenters: veterinarians, farriers, trainers, riding and equine-facilitated learning instructors … anyone with an innovative perspective to share.

“The presenters that are coming have far exceeded my dreams. I hope the summit becomes a regular date on your calendar!

What events or life experiences led you to your current work with equines. How long have you been doing it?

“I’ve been offering equine experiential learning for ten years. I also offer equine facilitated psychotherapy in partnership with Nancy Coyne, M.D. Before that I was a competitor in the dressage arena. Since my competition days, I’ve searched for and learned so many better ways of training horses and I regularly experiment with different training tools and techniques. I believe that if I had known then what I know now my horses would have been happier and more successful in the competition arena. “Ask often, demand nothing, reward generously,” … that was how I was taught. Somewhere during my competition years that was lost to the passion of winning! But I have found it again, and through my work with horses and humans I have experienced the true meaning of “Believe it and it will come.”

What kinds of programs/workshops do you do, and where?

“I am an international instructor of equine-facilitated learning for personal growth and healing from trauma. I teach workshops all over the world. Relationship based riding—with its potential for marrying adventure, vulnerability and personal growth and healing—is my passion and the kind of teaching I love doing the most.

What do you hope people will take with them after seeing your presentation/demo at the Summit?

“I will be presenting aspects of the riding-focused apprenticeship like jumping rope, line dancing, and blindfolded energy fields. I hope people learn to have fun and see that learning can take many different forms.