140 Brady - Ashley AdkinsWe made a mistake! Brady, the super Sheltie from Houston Sheltie Sanctuary was the actual winner from last month’s True Texan Photo Contest! While we loved ALL the wonderfully creative submissions, we do need to correct our printing error from August’s Issue. Here are some neat facts and stories about Brady from his awesome best friend and dog mommy, Ashley:

Age: 4 years
Breed: Sheltie
Favorite Things: Banana bread, eggs, being brushed, riding in the car, his mom (me), and the Hosuton Sheltie Sanctuary
Personality quirk/stories:

1. Brady does not know how to play with toys or how to chew on a bone!

2. He is terrified of rain storms. These turn mellow Brady into a “crazy man.” When storms come we have to give him a small dose of Xanax to keep him from yodeling all night! Thundershirts do not help him!

3. He once “broke” into the garbage and ate a donut, a whole head of lettuce (plastic wrapper and all), and egg shells! 180 Brady - Ashley Adkins

4. The best “Brady” story is the time he locked me out of the car! A long day ended with my dear dog locking me out of the car….yes, he was still inside and I was still outside. Thank goodness it was during cooler weather. My keys were in my purse on the front seat (not in my pocket as I had assumed). So once all the doors were shut, dear doggie stepped on the lock button! The only spare key was at home in Houston….but I was at my parent’s house in Sealy. My husband had to drive to Sealy to bring me my key. The poor dog was locked in the car all by himself for 1.5hrs. He yodeled and wailed if I left his sight. So, me, mom, and dad sat on the porch within view of my car window, so Brady could see us….Family huddle around the car. lol He was cool as a cucumber unless I left his sight! It is very hard to be mad at such a furry face!

We want to thank Ashley and the HSS folks for their submission and support of Houston PetTalk Magazine, and look forward to many more contests!! Find out more about Houston Sheltie Sanctuary at their website.