Vaccinations, routine veterinary visits, parasite checks and prevention (plus spay/neuter), are all vital to a pet’s overall health. But did you know your kitten’s dental health is just as important? Dental disease affects over 50% of cats over the age of three. Cats have some of the same dental issues as dogs, yet feline dental care is under-treated. Once a kitten’s adult teeth are in (around 7 months), it’s time to start brushing their teeth so they are more accepting of this activity when they are older. Use a toothbrush and toothpaste made for cats (don’t use human toothpaste!).If your cat is unaccepting of brushing, then next best option is daily use of dental wipes, rinses, and pads will wipe off plaque deposits from the surface of the tooth.  They will not fully clean the teeth but are better than nothing at all. The goal of starting home dental care early on with your kitten is to prevent periodontal disease when they are older. A professional cleaning by your veterinarian may be necessary sometime during their life, but incorporating a dental care routine for your kitten in your daily schedule may reduce the number of cleanings needed in the future.

Photo credit to Allison McPhail for EvinThayer Studios