Backyard Paradise

Told by Kuma & Written by Lorraine Bossé-Smith

I know I am one spoiled dog. I get out every day to a different park to run with my mom. My humans take me on all sorts of adventures like canoeing, boating, and hiking. Yahoo! I also know many of my kind may not have the luxury of touring this great state of ours, and I didn’t want to leave them out. We cannot forget our own private paradises, right in our own backyards!

Texas has proven to be one exciting place. On any given day, I see an assortment of wild life. The squirrels torment me every chance they get. Although I don’t speak squirrel, I swear one was talking trash to me the other day, telling me to “talk to the butt!” Well, I peed on his tree and showed him!
Then the geckos get me going. Man those things are wicked fast! But hey, I am a Shiba Inu, made for speed. I’m proud to say I’ve caught several now, which makes my mom upset. She says they eat bugs. Well, I’m a hunter, baby. You can take the dog out of the hunt, but you can’t take the hunt out of the dog. Am I right, my canine friends?

The birds . . . I’m not sure what to say about them. Too many fly around our yard that I’ve had to ignore them and stay focused on other things, like capturing wasps. OUCH! Those suckers bite. Be afraid; be very afraid. I did save some humans from being attacked by a swarm. They couldn’t smell or hear them, but my keen senses picked up on a hive in a potted plant right by the patio table. I dove right into the nest and, apparently, aggravated the wasps so they flew out. All the humans, one very allergic, were able to get inside while my dad sprayed those buggers. I definitely took a hit for the team that day. My poor nose swelled up, but who cares! I got a nice helping of steak for my heroic efforts. Now we’re talking!

Thankfully, we haven’t had any snakes in my yard, but I am always on the lookout. Be careful of those things! In Colorado, we had a rattle snake in our yard. My mom protected me that day—thanks Mom! I’ve smelled a variety of other creatures I have yet to identify, but I’m only here two years. Give me time! My dad thinks a raccoon actually got in my yard. The nerve!

Besides all the incredible wild life, we have a pool. I enjoy swimming in lakes, but the pool reminds me of an extra large bathtub, and I HATE baths. My humans bring me in, though, and I must say I enjoy cooling off. I can then do my most favorite thing of all: run like crazy around my yard! Dudes, running is the best. Do it and do it often.

Humans are stressed-out beings, so be sure to play some catch and fetch with them. They need us to make them laugh. Get a ball and play. Great times await you in your very own yard. Get out and explore. Texan and proud!

Kumaito (Kuma for short) is a multi-tan Shiba Inu, an ancient breed from Japan, who moved from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to Friendswood, Texas. He enjoys running almost every day with his mom, chasing squirrels out of his yard, playing with toys, pestering his brother Edmond, eating, napping … well, Kuma loves about everything and everyone! His mom, Lorraine Bossé-Smith, was kind enough to help him tell his story. She is the author of seven published books, writes for magazines on assignment, has been seen on national television, and inspires people to live healthy, balanced lives through personal training, life coaching, and workshops. You can reach Kuma through Lorraine’s website: Be sure to visit Kuma Dog’s Facebook page!
You never know what he’ll be up to next!