Johnny Steele Dog Park, Houston TX

Told by Kuma & Written by Lorraine Bossé-Smith

My family and I have been enjoying running the Buffalo Bayou trail. If you are a faithful follower of my blog, you read about this awesome path right in the heart of Houston that follows the Buffalo Bayou. Well, the other day, we were running along the pedestrian trail (they have ones that allow bikes) when all of a sudden I got a whiff of an overpowering scent: my kind . . . and lots of them! I picked up the pace, forcing my humans to keep up. What was this? A dog park! We hadn’t been here before. Oh boy!

Apparently, the Johnny Steele Dog Park is relatively new, just opening up in January. It is located at 2929 Allen Parkway, near Montrose Street. Parking can be a challenge. My humans were driving around for a while trying to find a spot. The dog park is free for all dogs, big and small. In fact, they have a special area for the little guys. Not me, I play with the big boys! Before you head out, though, be sure all your tags and shots are current. By the way, it is free!

Upon opening the gate, I was set free. No leash on this Shiba Inu, baby! First on the agenda was to say hi to some new friends. The park was pumpin’ with every kind of dog you can imagine. Some humans stood around while others enjoyed seats in the shade. The weather was glorious: sunny and warm. After greeting some dawgs, I decided to run the perimeter. The entire park is fenced in, so it is very safe. The park is a mix of grass, pavement, and dirt, which I proceeded to roll around in. Nothing better! The park has something for everyone. It has some shade and a wonderful swimming hole, which I jumped right in twice! I must say that Texans do things up in big ways. This park rocks! It isn’t too big but certainly isn’t small. Being near the Bayou with views of the city gives humans a nice view, so everyone is happy.

On my second lap around, I noticed some humans did not pick up after their doggies. No excuses folks. The park has poop bags and plenty of garbage cans. Let’s all keep this new dog park clean so everyone can enjoy it. Since the park is new, they will be re-seeding it in April, so check their website for closure dates. You can park right at the park, but the lot is small. When I was pretty tuckered out, we began to run back to where we parked. What a day!

Kumaito (Kuma for short) is a multi-tan Shiba Inu, an ancient breed from Japan, who moved from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to Friendswood, Texas. He enjoys running almost every day with his mom, chasing squirrels out of his yard, playing with toys, pestering his brother Edmond, eating, napping … well, Kuma loves about everything and everyone! His mom, Lorraine Bossé-Smith, is kind enough to help him tell his story. She is the author of seven published books, writes for magazines on assignment, has been seen on national television, and inspires people to live healthy, balanced lives through personal training, life coaching, and workshops. You can reach Kuma through Lorraine’s website: Be sure to visit Kuma Dog’s Facebook page at

You never know what he’ll be up to next!