Lorraine and Kuma ready for second hike

Told by Kuma & Written by Lorraine Bossé-Smith

If you are willing to drive, north of Austin is Inks Lake State Park, located in Burnet County on the Colorado River. Me and my family made the trek up to use our new Texas State Park Pass.

Kuma swims the lakeThe landscape of the park is hilly, with many cedar, live oak, prickly pear cacti and yuccas. My humans kept saying it reminded them of Arizona. I’ve never been, so I’ll take their word for it. All I know is I was hot! Thankfully, the trail we chose (Pecan Flatts) went along the lake, so I had plenty of opportunities to drink, swim and cool off. This loop went through the rainbow, connecting to the yellow, red and green sections. Be sure to bring a map as the trail system can be a little confusing. The total loop is 4.7 miles, but we opted to shorten it some so I wouldn’t overheat. Whew.

I loved how we hiked through grassy areas and then had rocks to climb on. Apparently, Inks Lake is known for its pink granite. Be careful of the cactus. Man, those things are prickly! I was so busy avoiding them that I didn’t see the sticker bush. Ouch! My mom had to pull them out of my paws and fur. Nasty boogers!

We had views of the lake most of the time. Lots of humans were boating and fishing. Some humans were even scuba diving, whatever that is! Although we had a hotel room, many were camping. The park even has cabins for rent. This is definitely a place to come and enjoy for a spell.

Inks Lake 2After our hike, we found a comfortable spot by the lake to sit by the shore. My daddy went for a swim; I enjoyed the cool grass. The park has plenty of picnic areas to make a day of it, just bring plenty of water. We were fortunate to have cloud cover. I can’t imagine how hot I would have gotten in full sun. Anyway, we plan to return and bring our boat! Yeah baby. I am made for speed!


Kumaito (Kuma for short) is a multi-tan Shiba Inu, an ancient breed from Japan, who moved from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to Friendswood, Texas. He enjoys running almost every day with his mom, chasing squirrels out of his yard, playing with toys, pestering his brother Edmond, eating, napping … well, Kuma loves about everything and everyone! His mom, Lorraine Bossé-Smith, was kind enough to help him tell his story. She is the author of seven published books, writes for magazines on assignment, has been seen on national television and inspires people to live healthy, balanced lives through personal training, life coaching and workshops. You can reach Kuma through Lorraine’s website: www.thetotalyou.biz. Be sure to visit Kuma Dog’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Kumathedog?ref=hl

You never know what he’ll be up to next!