Libby copyIt isn’t everyday that you come across a purebred Collie, but especially a rescued Collie from Puerto Rico.

Libby Manuela was relinquished by her owner at a public event in Puerto Rico. Her owner approached Johanna Suarez (foster mom in Puerto Rico) when she saw that she had collies of her own. She was severely malnourished, badly matted, and had a large tumor growing on the side of her face. She would not have survived much longer. Alianza Pro Rescate Animales came to her rescue. They had the non-cancerous tumor removed from her face at San Miguel Vetnery Services, got her some good food, and provided a loving foster home in Puerto Rico.

Along came Freedom Collie Rescue. After a few month searching for someone who can give Manuela the love, the time and a peaceful life here in Puerto Rico, not having any luck, Manuela’s foster mom learns of Save-A -Sato. Save-a-Sato put her in contact with Freedom Collie Rescue (FCR).  She immediately contacted the adoption coordinator and said FCR said they could find her a forever home in Texas. The planning phase had started!

American Airlines has very strict requirements for flying animals, and temperature guidelines to ensure a safe flight. With all the bad weather that the States had been experiencing, it took some time to coordinate the flight to Texas. Finally her arrival date was scheduled.

Libby Manuela arrived at Bush Intercontinental Airport on January 31, and was greeted by anxiously awaiting volunteers from Freedom Collie Rescue. Libby Manuela took her first cautious step towards her new life. She was placed into one of our foster homes so that we could continue her medical care. All rescued Collies are given complete veterinary check ups, shots are brought up-to-date, they are spayed and neutered if needed and micro-chipped. She was ready to go up for adoption.


It didn’t take long for Libby Manuela to win the hearts of her foster family. They couldn’t part with this blond beauty. Libby Manuela was officially adopted on March 3, 2014. You would never know she had a large tumor on the side of her beautiful face. Manuela is a Hebrew name, and means God is with us. Her name suits her perfectly and her story has a very happy ending.


Story Courtesy of:
Pat from Freedom Collie Rescue
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For more information about these organizations, please visit:
Save-A -Sato and Alianza Pro Rescate Animales and San Miguel Vetnery Services