Meadowlake Pet Resort announces the addition of new activities for daycare dogs at no additional cost to you!  Sign up for Doggie Daycare on Mondays, for Manners Mondays!  The Daycare Staff will work on basic manners all day including sitting at doors and gates, sitting nice for toys, and coming when called!  Make sure your pooch is signed up for Meadowlake’s $20 Tuesday each week.  On Tuesdays, your pet will receive a bath, ear cleaning, a towel dry and a half day of daycare for only $20!   Finally on Wednesdays, the Daycare Staff will go out to the big pool for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon for Water Play Wednesday!  Don’t be left out, make your standing reservation today by calling Meadowlake Pet Resort at 713-413-1633!  For additional information, visit