It started off as a normal Tuesday for Meadowlake Pet Resort’s Director, Laura; get the baby fed, shower, and off to work.  On her way to her car she noticed a small, skinny, and hairless dog curled in a ball on her front lawn.  Laura saw the bundle of neglect and abuse, and approached with caution.  The sad, small dog lifted her head and behind an expression of sadness and pain, there was hope in her small brown eyes.  Laura’s heart broke, and knew that the best place for the sweet, small dog would be Meadowlake.  After being monitored in an enclosed area for most of the day, Meadowlake contacted the Houston Humane Society and the Black Sheep Agency, asking if this dog could be the next “FLIP the Dog” candidate.  All organizations agreed that she could enter the program.  She began her “FLIP” transformation that evening with a visit to the veterinarian at the Houston Humane Society.  For being a stray, the vet was surprised how healthy she was.  Besides a non-contagious and very treatable skin condition, she is a healthy dog!  She will now stay at Meadowlake Pet Resort for the next 30 days free of charge, and undergo basic training and some much needed TLC!  Meadowlake is holding a Facebook “Name that Dog” contest, to determine what to name her.  She’s about 5 years old, she’s now updated on all vaccinations, and she will be getting dental work and spaying in a few weeks.  Stay tuned for her “FLIP the Dog” transformation!

FLIP the Dog: FLIP the Dog is a social media-based animal adoption program orchestrated through a PepsiGrant by the Black Sheep Agency.