Meet Ethel ~ Ethel is one of four dogs who were rescued in January 2011.  She and her pack mates were living on the streets.  She was taken to the vet where she received her vaccines and incredibly she tested negative for heartworms.  She is spayed and is on monthly heartworm and flea prevention.  She was treated for demedec and her skin and coat are now great.  Ethel is an amazing dog with a very big personality.  She is shy and timid at first, but once she gets to know you, all she wants for you to do is love on her.

Ethel is a lab-mix and she is about a year old.  She is tan colored and has a great looking skin and coat.  She is approximately 45 pounds and is one healthy, happy dog.  She would not do well with cats or other critters as she has a strong predatory drive as a result of living on the streets.  She would benefit from having a companion dog as she is quite active and loves to play.  Ethel would be a great candidate for agility training as she loves to run and she can jump up on about anything!  She’s an awesome dog.

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