Pundt Park Dog Park

By Rebecca Burwell-Botello

Houstonians are a lucky breed, with so many dog friendly areas to visit. This weekend we visited Bibi and Mini Me Bush Dog Park near Spring, Texas. To get there is simple, we didn’t have a difficult time locating it at all. There is also ample parking across the drive. It is situated inside 380 acre Pundt Park, and that is what makes this a great spot — there are so many activities and options for fun! According to the park’s website, “Pundt Park is part of the Spring Creek Greenway, and has a nearly 10-mile trail that connects the park with Stahl Preserve and Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center.” Stick to the left when you enter the park and you will see the dog area on the left hand side of the drive. Dogs are welcome in most areas of the park on leash, but are permitted off-leash in the dog park only.

We stuck to the dog park for this adventure, but just next to the parking lot there is a great kid’s area with picnic tables and lots of playground equipment. All the equipment is covered by a tall awning to protect you and your family from the Texas sun and surprise showers. There are also some really wonderful natural walking trails, a couple fishing lakes, a canoe/kayak launch, as well as paved trails that are perfect for biking. During our visit we were lucky to catch some equestrian activity as horseback riders zipped by us on the other side of the dog park fence.

The dog park itself is fairly standard for a large park, and has many amenities you will recognize and enjoy with your dogs. There are small and large dog areas, a watering hole with a small swimming pool for splashing, a jogging track around the inside perimeter, as well as lots of mud puddles for some impromptu “spa” time if your pup is so inclined. After the mud bath, you can take your pets outside the park’s gates to the wash area to clean off in a separate, paved dog wash area. Don’t forget to bring plenty of towels and shampoo for your pups. It is fun to splash and play in the dirt but harmful bacteria can cause infections and other issues, so do wash your pet off right away after play time in the water and mud.

The park provides “business bags” for potty time, and even encourages recycling by providing space for pet owners to place used grocery sacks that can be reused for doody pick up at the park. Our visit took place on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and we ran into all kinds of lovely pet people, as well as several batches of big-ish puppies getting some early socialization in. There are dozens of lost tennis balls to be located, and many happy children were visiting and ready to play fetch with all the dogs. This would be a great place to make some new pals who love pets, as it is a busy spot that is popular with locals. Many of the visitors we talked to mentioned that they came there often, and were happy to chit chat with us while our dogs played together.

Overall, this is a great neighborhood park, slightly off the beaten path but well worth spending a day discovering all the 380 acre Pundt Park has to offer.

Pundt Park
4129 Spring Creek Drive
Spring, Texas 77373
Phone: 281-353-8100

Hours of Operation
8 a.m. to dusk