PetsOnPatioOver 50 Restaurants are “Pet Approved”

If you dine in the Houston area, you’ve seen pets on patios at restaurants and coffee shops. Starting on September 22, 2011, the Houston Department of Health and Human Services (HDHHS) began requiring food establishments to apply for a dog-friendly patio variance permit. There are stringent regulations for food safety which enable pets to be present in outdoor dining areas without contaminating food materials.

Once an establishment applies for the permit, which has a relatively small fee under $120, there is an inspection of the premises to assure that all conditions of the variance are met. HDHHS requires that all pets be able to enter the patio through an outdoor access point that does not requires entry to the indoor area. All of the doors at the establishment must additionally be fitted with an automatic closer to prevent any accidental entry or escape. Waste matter is required to be cleaned immediately, and must be done with pet safe cleansers. The waste must be disposed in pest-proof containers, and all waste cleaning supplies are required to be kept close by the outdoor dining area, but not inside the establishment. The patio must be clean of hair and debris at all times and hand sanitizer must be available outside. Unfortunately for the pet-friendly staff, but fortunately for your lunch, employees are not permitted to touch visiting animals.

In order to stay in compliance, some responsibility is on pet owners to behave in accordance with the law as well as health and safety codes. So, don’t forget the leash! All visiting pets are required to wear leashes, and are not allowed on any surface, table, or chair. They are also not to be served any food, or touch any dishes from the establishment. However, if your doggy is thirsty a server can bring your pet a disposable water dish, should there be one is available. Pet owners are permitted to bring kibble or treats for their pets and of course you can bring your own dish. Lastly, if there is a children’s play area on the premises, pets are not allowed. Sorry, Fido!

Next time you’re out for a snack bring your pet, they will love you for it! Socializing your pet with people and other animals is important for development. As always, remember to be conscious and courteous of your best friend’s behavior in public. Below is the most recent list of all HDHHS Approved Pet-Friendly Patios.

Antidote Coffee 729 Studewood, 77007
Baba Yega 2607 Grant Street., 77006
Back Street Café 1103 S. Shepherd Dr., 77019
Barnaby’s Café 604 Fairview, 77006
Barnaby’s Café 1701 Woodway, 77057
Barnaby’s Café 801 Congress #175, 77002
Barnaby’s Café/Baby Barnaby’s 302 Fairview, 77006
Berryhill Baja Grill 3407 Montrose, A-8, 77006
BlackFinn American Grill 1910 Bagby, Suite 100
Boulevard Café 1030 Heights Blvd. 77008
BRC 519 Shepherd, 77007
Brick House Tavern and Tap 12910 Northwest Freeway, 77040
Canopy 3939 Montrose Ste C, 77006
Celtic Gardens 2300 Louisiana, 77006
Christian’s Tailgate Bar & Grill II 2000 Bagby, Suite 106, 77002
Christian’s Tailgate Bar & Grill III 2820 White Oak, 77007
Coco’s Crepes & Coffee 218 Gray, Unit A, 77002
Cottonwood 3422 N. Shepherd, 77018
Eleven XI Restaurant & Bar 607 West Gray Street, 77019
Hugo’s 1600 Westheimer Rd., 77006
Inversion Coffee House 1953 Montrose, 77006
J. Black’s Houston-Washington Ave. 110 S. Heights Blvd. 77007
Jimmy’s Ice House 2803 White Oak, 77007
Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette 4224 San Filepe, 77007
Little Big’s Montrose 2703 Montrose, 77006
Lola 1102 Yale Street #300, 77008
L’Olivier Restaurante and Bar 240 Westheimer Rd. 77006
Lucky’s Pub Heights 2520 Houston Ave., 77009
Mia’s Table 3131 Argonne St., 77098
Misison Burritos 801 2245 W. Alabama, 77098
Mission Burritos 802 1609 Durham, 77007
Natachee’s Supper ‘n Punch 3622 Main, 77002
Petite Sweets 2700 W. Alabama, 77098
Pluckers Wing Bar 1400 Shepherd, 77007
Porch Swing Pub 69 Heights Blvd., 77007
Pub Fiction 2303 Smith St. 77006
Ruggles Café Bakery 2365 Rice Blvd. Suite A, 77005
Saint Danes Bar & Grill 502 Elgin, 77006
Shade Café LLC 250 West 19th, 77008
Starbucks 2029 West Gray, 77019
Starbucks 2050 West Gray, 77019
Taco Milagro Kirby 2555 Kirby, 77019
The Front Porch Pub 217 Gray St., 77008
The Grove 1611 Lamar 77010
The King’s Head 1809 Eldridge Parkway, 77077
The Lake House 1500 McKinney, 77010
Tila’s Restaurante & Bar 1111 S. Shepherd, 77019
Winston’s on Washington 5111 Washington, 77007
Ziggy’s Healthy Grill 702 Main