Interview with Dr. Carrie Foltyn, DVM at Southwest Veterinary Center:

Q. Hi Dr. Foltyn! Thanks so much for spending time with us. First, tell us about your background.

A. I graduated from Texas A&M University (Gig ‘Em!) and I have been practicing veterinary medicine for 8 years.  I have a passion for restoring and/or improving animals health through surgical means.  

Q. What is it that attracted you to veterinary medicine?

A. It’s the fulfillment in the hands-on aspect of veterinary medicine and enjoying the challenge of intricate procedures. For example, I have a penchant for all Brachycephalic breed issues such as screw tail and obstructive airway syndrome surgeries. I also am particularly interested in chronic pain management. It requires me to think outside of the box on treatments and approaches to help find solutions for people and their pets. In general though, I just absolutely love being a veterinarian and hope our clients see and feel that as well. 

Q. Tell us more about your services.

A. First, we provide preventative care with our main goal being to give owners a lower cost, time efficient option than an emergency facility via our urgent care evenings. 

Second, an important part of our practice is to provide advanced surgical options without having to obtain a referral to a specialty center!

Third, we offer hospital care, meaning we accept “stable” transfers from local ER so that owners and their pets can experience a more personal touch during their pet’s hospital stay. 

Finally, we offer an urgent care solution. We provide timely, convenient, and comprehensive medical attention for pets urgent needs after regular business hours and we work with the client’s veterinarian to provide follow up care.

Q. Wow, that is truly a very comprehensive list of services. What would you say is unique about Southwest Veterinary Center ?

A.  Our urgent care, surgical capabilities, and very personal, detail oriented hospital/medical care is what really sets us apart from traditional veterinary clinics.

Q. It’s no secret there is a shortage of veterinarians, plus people have very busy schedules. What “extra” hours are you open?

A. We provide urgent care services 4-8 pm weekdays and 9am-3pm on Saturday!

Q. Do you offer any services that are “new” in the industry?

A.  We have endoscopy for diagnostics use or retrieval of foreign body use, plus multiple rigid scopes and laparoscope for basically looking anywhere in a pet! Minimally invasive surgery (using laparoscope)  is a new and upcoming specialty in the veterinary world where the surgery is comparable to what a human would experience. We love being able to provide this cutting edge technology to owners in order to decrease surgical pain and down time for their pet. All specialty surgeries are package pricing so no surprises at checkout.

Q. No surprises is always a good thing in medical care cost! Tell us about your overall philosophy of the practice.

A. Our philosophy is basically the golden rule! We love providing an environment that people and pets are happy to walk in to. Clients are greeted by our friendly staff and pets will be treated with love and respect. We offer personalized, tailored treatment for pets and demonstrate proactive communication with each and every one of our clients.

Q. I’m so glad we had this opportunity to learn more about your impressive veterinary center. Thank you for taking the time with us. 

A. You are very welcome. We invite any of the readers to visit us or call with any questions. We would love the opportunity to serve their needs!