SUPERPOWER DOGS is an epic 3D live action movie for IMAX® and giant screen theaters about the world’s most extraordinary dogs who save lives and protect us from danger.
Cosmic  Picture,  the  creative  team  behind  Superpower  Dogs,  has  launched  a  crowdfunding  campaign on Indiegogo, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, to raise US $50,000 for the upcoming giant screen family adventure Superpower Dogs. The campaign is off to a fantastic start with over 65% of the goal already reached within the first two days, and continues until Friday 21st October.

Filmed  in  3D,  and  presented  in  association  with  the  California  Science  Center  in  Los  Angeles,  Superpower Dogs tells the true story of a rookie puppy, a Dutch Shepherd named Halo, and her human partner, Fire Captain ‘Cat’ Labrada, as they embark on a two-­‐year journey to become an Urban  Search  and  Rescue  K9  response  team  with  Florida  Task  Force  1,  one  of  the  world’s  most  elite search and rescue organizations. Along the way Halo will meet a diverse cast of heroic working  dogs  with  amazing  abilities  including  avalanche  rescue  dogs  in  the  Canadian  Rockies,  Bloodhounds saving elephants and Rhinos from poachers in Northern Kenya, and a Golden Retriever called Ricochet who heals people suffering with autism, special needs, disabilities as well as veterans suffering from PTSD by surfing with them. The contributions on Indiegogo will be used to film Cat and Halo’s journey as they discover if Halo has what it takes to become a Superpower Dog and save lives in a disaster.

screenshot-2016-09-21-14-59-21All  fans  that  contribute  to  the  campaign  will  have  access  to  exclusive  and  limited  edition  perks  such as Superpower Dogs branded dog tags, t-­‐shirts, collars and leashes, set visits and even the chance to be a background character in the movie or have your dog’s picture on the giant screen during the end credits.
Cosmic  Picture,  the  makers  of  Superpower  Dogs,  will  donate  20%  of  the  Indiegogo  campaign  profits, and 20% of the profits of the film itself, to working dog organizations around the world, such  as:  The  Lewa  Wildlife  Conservancy  in  Kenya,  The  Canadian  Avalanche  Rescue  Dog  Association, The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation in California and The Penn Vet Working Dog Center.

For more information on the campaign and to contribute, visit: