Are you leaving town for an amazing vacation or a weekend business trip? Are you worried whether or not your furry feline friend will be safe at home? If so, boarding your cat at an accommodating pet facility offers various benefits and creates a worry-free environment for both you and your feline companion.  Such as people, cats become bored, stressed, and anxious without human companionship. It is not recommended for cats to be left alone for more than one day without attention or stimulation. Boredom, stress, and anxiety in cats can lead to mischief and at times illness.

Boarding your cat at an accommodating facility while you are away is extremely beneficial to your pet’s health and safety. Although it is a common characteristic that cats are low maintenance, there are multiple hazards that may come into play while your cat is left home alone for consecutive days. Our feline friends are considered very curious and will often get into objects around your home that might be hazardous to their health. For instance, they might try to eat or play with a small object that may cause choking, or a blockage that may result in possible surgery. Our companions miss us during our absence and can have a tendency to lash out, much like children. Cats enjoy heights and can jump as high as five feet! They are able to squeeze their bodies into spaces half the size of their body mass. Boarding your feline can ensure those precious breakable keepsakes that are kept up high remain in perfect condition upon your return.  Cats become worried and may begin to over-groom themselves, go to the bathroom outside of their litter box, and will not eat or drink once their food or water becomes stale. Cats need access to fresh food and water on a daily basis. It is a common misconception to leave heaping piles of food out for your cat while you’re away. This could lead to overeating and very upset stomachs. Pathogens such as Salmonella and E. Coli can start to form on wet food that has been sitting out in excess of two hours. Choosing to board your pet allows for your animal to keep their routine. At most facilities an attendant will maintain and record your pet’s food intake and administer medications when necessary. Senior cats or cats with special needs are safely cared for and monitored while under the care of a boarding facility. Attendants are trained to keep a close eye on your fur baby and notify you of any event or concerns. They provide daily love, attention, and ensure safety of your companion while providing a worry-free atmosphere for you! 

PROFESSIONAL GROOMINGGrooming your cat regularly is an essential part to your pet’s health and well-being. Certain breeds such as, Himalayans, Ragdolls, Maine Coons, and Persians, need regular grooming to keep their coat nourished and healthy. When cats are left alone for too long, they can become anxious and will over-groom themselves.  You may notice signs such as thinning of the hair, bald spots, or increased frequency of hairballs. A cat’s tongue is covered in hundreds of little spines called papillae that spring up into action while grooming. Over-grooming can result in painful or infected sores caused by their rough tongue. Although most cats do the majority of their grooming, there are certain areas they simply cannot clean without the help of a professional groomer. A groomer is able to check for matting of the hair, fleas, ticks, tapeworms, and lumps that might have gone unnoticed prior to grooming. Medium to long-haired felines are prone to have pieces of litter and feces trapped in the fur particularly near the tail and hindquarters. With the help of a professional groomer, this becomes easy to maintain as well as prevent the occurrence of hairballs.  Blessed Paws Luxury Pet Resort offers both cat boarding and cat grooming to satisfy all of your frisky friend’s needs. Blessed Paws has thoughtfully designed cat condos in which your graceful cat can lounge around in luxury. You will be sent daily updates of your pet’s well-being through pictures, videos, and heartfelt messages from a care attendant so you can have peace of mind knowing your cat is being cared for and is safe. The Blessed Paws team is there to Love, Serve, and Play with your best friends while being only steps away from My Family Vet, where they care for your pets like family! The next time you’re thinking of leaving your cat home alone, stop by and meet the Blessed Paws team, come tour the facility, and take a look inside the luxurious life at Blessed Paws. To find more information or inquire about cat boarding and cat grooming, visit

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