But they need your help

741e799e-3af7-41f8-8b9a-1dcf12197c4a Pup Squad says they were so excited on Friday when once they were able to give these pups their Freedom Ride and get them out of a local shelter and on their road to a new life, and they thanked their amazing foster care volunteers for it.

b76984b8-e126-4aba-b42b-1a78e123cd22 However the good news, as so often is the case, was followed by the bad news that the puppies became very sick due to their brief period of shelter life. The puppies were rushed to the vet where is was discovered that in additional to severe intestinal parasite infestations, they have bacterial pneumonia.

f6d581d7-9722-4e79-9600-72eb29897085Right now these pups are fighting for their lives at the emergency vet. But the last report was positive, so the folks at Pup Squad are cautiously optimistic they’ll be healthy and happy very soon. Pup Squad needs your help, getting these puppies on the road to recovery has been and will be costly. You can help by making a donation to Pup Squad at www.pupsquad.org.