Cats are known to live very long lives….21 years or more. And while you may know the calendar age of your cat, you may not know how old your cat really feels. The new Science Diet Cat Age Quiz gives you the opportunity to determine the true age of your cat and provides tips on ways to easily help your feline retain her youthful vigor.  And since nutrition is one of the key factors in helping a senior cat feel younger, Hill’s Pet Nutrition is introducing their Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying cat food.

To kick-off the August 25th launch of the Science Diet Cat Age Quiz and new Hill’s Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying cat food, Houston PetTalk has partnered with Hill’s and is giving away an Age Defying Basket that includes:

·       3.5lb bag of Hill’s Science Diet Cat Age Defying dry cat food
·       A Beautiful Cat Collar
·       Bristle Finishing Brush for Cats
·       Pet Wipes
·       Fuzzy Balls Cat Toys
·       Feather Cat Teaser

Approx Retail Value of Basket: $40

Enter to win: visit and take the new Science Diet Cat Age quiz powered by RealAge. By answering simple health and lifestyle questions about your cat, you can determine how old your four-legged friend really is. Once determined, post your cat’s real age on Houston Pet Talk’s Facebook page at  A winner will be selected at random from among the Facebook posts by September 3rd, so don’t delay!

All quiz participants can also enter to win thousands of prizes, including a trip to Canyon Ranch Spa, and will also receive an exclusive coupon offer for Hill’s new Science Diet Senior 11+ Age Defying cat food.