Sasha’s Suds N Duds, a fun retail shop and self-dog wash located at 804 West Gray in River Oaks recently threw their own “Hollywoof” style bash of the acclaimed “A-Cat-Enemy” awards. How cute is that?! The A-listers vying for the prestigious award were:

1.  Effie Kewalramani in – “Not a Slum Dog Millionaire”
2.  Kinsey Adams in – “Doubt”
3.  Sophie Bell in – “Milk”
4.  Bebe Kim in “Rachel Getting Married”
5.  “The Evil Stuart” in “Dark Knight”
With refreshments on hand, the pink carpet rolled out and the clients of Sasha’s having voted for their faves…the winners were:
Best Picture: Effie Kewalramani in “Not a Slum Dog Millionaire”
Best Actress: Sophie Bell in “Milk”
Best Actor: The Evil Stuart in “The Dark Knight”
Check out this fun gallery of photos from the event, compliments of Tammy Price Photography:
Sashas Event Photos