catpawBARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care i.e. Houston’s animal control) recently formed several “committees” to work on various goals that will benefit the animals at BARC.  These committees will involve both volunteers and BARC personnel.
The committees formed are: 
* Foster parent recruitment/retention
* Volunteer Recruitment and Retention 
* Community Outreach w/ High Volume Spay and Neuter 
* Offsite Adoptions 
* Trap Neuter Release-Cats
* Public Awareness/Media attention
* Thinking Outside the Shelter 
We need people who are willing to bring their great ideas and then roll up their sleeves to put these great ideas into play. Together we can make positive changes at BARC that will benefit the animals there. 
If you are interested in working on any of these committees, please contact me.  I can invite you to the Meetup message board for these committees.
Bett Sundermeyer, President 
No Kill Houston