On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, the Houston Humane Society has a goal to neuter over 1,000 male cats for free at the Houston Humane Society Animal Wellness Clinic.  

Cat owners across the Houston and surrounding areas can schedule an appointment! There is a limit of 5 cats per person.  Domesticated and feral cats qualify, and for the health and safety of all cats, each feline must be in a plastic crate or carrier.  

A current rabies vaccination is required by law.  Pet owners must show proof of current rabies certificate, or they may purchase a rabies vaccine for their cat the day of the event.  

Additional, optional services will be offered at the time of surgery for a small fee.  

Pet owners can request an appointment at fixfelix@houstonhumane.org,  phone at 713-433-6421.  To find out more information about Fix Felix or low cost spaying and neutering at Houston Humane Society, visit www.HoustonHumane.org.