Local author Stacy Edick has released her latest book, Carmel Cunundrum, for all dog sleuth enthusiasts looking for a great read and to support a Houston author.

Stolen identities, a cult, a kidnapping, an attempted murder, and a budding romance . . . Join Private Investigator Liz Adams, and her lie-detecting Labrador, Duke, in the scenic town of Carmel By-the-Sea, as the pair investigate the mystery of stolen identities. Complications arise when Liz becomes romantically entangled with her hot new client, Brad.

Enter Apollo, a charismatic cult leader, whose mission to save the homeless has a dark twist. Why does he continue to trespass on Liz’s property? She’s compelled to uncover the answer.

Tensions mount, as the stakes become a matter of life and death. Will Liz and Duke solve both mysteries before the damage is irreparable?

Travel with Liz from Charleston, SC to Carmel, CA, and back to discover the astounding truth.

Amazon link for ebook https://www.amazon.com/Carmel-Conundrum-Liz-Adams-Mystery-ebook/dp/B0BPQXHL7Y

Amazon link for paperback https://www.amazon.com/Carmel-Conundrum-Liz-Adams-Mystery/dp/B0BPPW2J95

Michelle Mantor