While there are many reasons to admire the canine species, one of the most compelling is the incredible diversity in both their physical attributes and their skills. From the huge Mastiff to the tiny Papillon, dogs come in all sizes, shapes and coat types. Beyond their curious physical differences, dogs can also accomplish amazing things including racing through an agility course, pulling weight through snow, catching flying discs, saving avalanche victims, sniffing out bombs and much more. Rarely is there an opportunity to view so many types of dogs and learn about their breed’s heritage while also watching them perform jaw-dropping sport routines as you will witness at the 46th Annual Houston World Series of Dog Shows. The cluster of shows takes place at NRG Center July 19-23. Over 150 breeds will be on display plus performance sports and exhibitions including Flyball, Obedience, Canine Frisbee, Canine Freestyle, Scent Work, Barn Hunt and more.

Plus, don’t miss the student art exhibit, pet adoptions and shopping in McScotty Market. If you want total dog submersion, the show is the place to be…and it’s indoors! Enjoy our feature story to learn all about the show’s activities, schedule, parking and how to map out your canine adventure in advance so you don’t miss a thing.