Along with their ‘DoorSide Dog Walk’ visits, (special dog walks created for people who are staying at home and social distancing), Lucy Goo Pet Sitting has started a new service called, ‘Lucy Goo Comfort Visits’. These visits are designed for pets who need some extra TLC when owners can’t be home with them. With the recent stay at home orders, pets have gotten very attached and used to being with their owners which can lead to separation anxiety when the time comes to go back to work or leave for an extended time. To ease anxieties, Lucy Goo Pet Sitters will help pets relax with gentle massage, cuddling and spending extra time with their clients dogs and cats.  

Lucy Goo Pet Sitting was founded nearly 20 years ago and all dog walkers and pet sitters are pet CPR/First Aid certified, and insured/bonded. Additionally, all staff are following CDC guidelines for Covid-19, sanitizing before during and after leaving your home and they wear masks at all times. To learn more about the services offered, visit them online at