By Michelle Mantor, Editor Houston PetTalk Magazine

Photography By Prudence

Wow…what an awesome year meeting and interacting with so many different species at the Houston Zoo! Truly, the opportunity to learn and just experience animals that I would not otherwise have a chance to be up close and personal with is my favorite part of being the editor of PetTalk. What fun to feed veggies to rare Blue-Throated Macaw, get a kiss from Fiesta the llama, feed lettuce to the ancient species, the tortoise, feed browse to the extremely rare okapi, pet the trunk of a baby elephant and the creme de la creme, getting a painting made especially for me by Cali the Sea Lion! 

Coming in 2023 in our wildlife section, look for more fun stuff with the Houston Zoo, who will be opening their Galapagos section in the near future and we have a surprise cover for you to showcase that big event. We will also visit with Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition and bring you some local Texas wildlife stories as well. 

As always, I am compelled to send a message of conservation. When you visit the zoo or other responsible wildlife encounters, there is a plethora of information they provide so that you can  learn how you too can help save animals in the wild!