Courtney is an Army Reservist with two dogs whom she loves.  Unfortunately, being a reservist keeps Courtney from home for long periods of time and neighbors have been helping care for her beloved babies, Mecca and Roxy.  At the end of April, Courtney is being deployed to Afghanistan for a year or longer.  Knowing she would be gone for such a long period of time Courtney made the heart wrenching decision to find a new home for Mecca and Roxy.

With the help of forwarded emails, Courtney was able to contact Alexandra Kelsey.  Ms. Kelsey’s love of pets and numerous contacts makes her the unofficial rescue coordinator for the state of Texas.  She forwarded Courtney’s plea for help to her many contacts and Colonel Stan Horton, a retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel and avid dog rescuer read it.  Col. Horton knew exactly who to call for help, his sister-in-law, Deborah Smith, Director of Pet Services at Meadowlake Pet Resort.  Ms. Smith immediately had her staff call the numerous rescue groups Meadowlake works with to see if anyone had room for Mecca and Roxy in their program.  Red Collar Rescue willingly accepted Mecca and Roxy into their adoption program.  Ms. Kelsey and Red Collar Rescue started raising funds to get Mecca and Roxy up to date on all of their shots.  After visiting the vet Mecca and Roxy will be staying at Meadowlake Pet Resort, free of charge, until a new home can be found for these two little ladies.

About Mecca and Roxy: Roxy is a five year old shepherd mix who is playful and sweet.  She is spayed and likes to play with other dogs her size or smaller.  Roxy also likes kids.  Mecca is a five year old terrier mix.  Mecca is the more reserved of the two dogs but is good with other dogs and kids.  Mecca and Roxy have lived together their whole life and would like to go to a new home together.  If you are interested in adopting Mecca and Roxy please contact Red Collar Rescue at