cat-with-toyCurious about cats? Here are a few cat facts to scratch your curiosity:

  1. The reason why Siamese cats have a dark mask and dark tips to their feet and tails is because of a gene which causes a reaction, making colder regions grow dark hair.
  2. Parent cats will sometimes bring maimed animals to their kittens so they can practice their hunting skills under supervision.
  3. One of the main reasons why most cat species prefer a solitary existence is that the available prey in a given area cannot support more cats.
  4. Cats only bury their feces when they feel it might betray their den (or house with domestic cats); otherwise it is left as a scent mark.
  5. The claws of a cat are actually properly termed protractible as opposed to retractable. This is because muscles are required to stick them out, but they pull back automatically.
  6. Whiskers are used to assess the dimensions in the dark. They also supply the cat with added information when prey is caught and too close to look at.
  7. Cats have a natural dislike of sweet tasting foods because they are so well evolved as carnivores that they cannot digest sugars very well, they convert fats instead.