msrh laddie 2This is Lewin, better known as Laddie, who is frequently mentioned by his foster brother , Moose, on the “Moose Chronicles”.
Thought I’d finally found the one, together we would always be. Funny how things come undone, love’s not what it’s supposed to be. Now everybody need a place; Even if it’s on a stage. Everybody needs a race; Something to help them turn the page. And I finally found a home, where I’ll never be alone. Right here where I belong. Here, in a song.” Hewy Lewis. What an interesting guy. What a band. I got a little Lew in me too…. and I sure like to find a home! I’m Lewin and I’m a male, salt & pepper Miniature Schnauzer with cropped ears and a docked tail. I’m about three years old and I weigh about fourteen pounds. I’m a good boy and I’ve impressed the folks at MSRH with my funny personality. I’m sweet and friendly and good with all the humans that I meet–even the little ones. Scratch the back. We’re best friends! I like to play and I enjoy time with most of my four-legged friends. I get along with big and little dogs — not big deal. I’m content to play with toys when it’s hot outside. I like the girls…. and I don’t want to be all hot and sweaty when they visit! I’m crate trained and I’ve learned how to use the doggy door. I’m working on my house training skills as we speak! If you have a home…. one where I can belong…one where you might sing me a song…. that’s the home for me! Ask for me, Lewin, on your MSRH adoption application! Adoption Fee: $450