Last blog we talked about what our pets are trying to tell us.  This blog will talk about what other animals are trying to tell us.  Did you know that wild animals have messages for us, too?  Animals are here to help us.  The problem is that most people don’t realize it. 

The late Ted Andrews, author of the well-known Animal Speak, understood the animals and their messages.  The Native Americans are very well aware of the messages of the animals.  Their culture is such that truly respects all animals and the earth and the importance of that relationship between all living beings.  This is something we are all capable of doing.  You simply need to look for the signs:

  • Do you see an animal that you don’t normally see?  If an animal you don’t normally see crosses your path – darts in front of your car, ends up in your car, flies near you, shows up in or near your home – there is significance in that.  Let’s say you don’t normally see hawks but one day a hawk is on the telephone wire on your drive to work.  Well, you need to look up the message of the “hawk” and not just think what a beautiful bird it is.
  • Do you see a common animal but under unusual circumstances?  Maybe you’ve seen butterflies lately but one decides to land on your arm.  Don’t just think, “oh that’s neat”.  Think “Wow, they may have a message for me.”  Maybe an animal hits your car or you accidentally run over it.  Yes that is very sad.  But look up the message of that animal.  I bet you will find something significant in what that animal stands for.  Yes, a message just for you that you needed to hear that day.
  • Do you see an animal you normally would see but it happens several times in a row?  Let’s say you normally see wasps near your home or the occasional wasp that makes it inside of your home.  But then you have a wasp show up on 3 consecutive days in your restroom.  You remove the wasp each day and a different one appears.  Yes, there is indeed a message there so you need to look up the meaning of the “wasp”.  And how many times or how many of an animal can be significant, too.

 What can you do to learn more?

This may sound odd but just try it.  Make it a point to really LOOK at the animals you encounter on a daily basis.  Maybe they have an important message for you.  If you don’t try, you’ll never know!

Blessings to you and the animals you love!