Have an athletic dog?  There are many natural ways to help keep them fit and sound.

  • Canine massage is great for keeping those muscles in shape whether your dog is a performance dog or not. It is easy to learn and can help take seconds off of the clock for agility and fly ball dogs. It is also helpful to massage your dog after they have performed to keep the muscles in optimal shape. If for any reason you need to calm your dog, try the arm pit massage. Put your fingers up into their armpits as far as you can go (be careful if you have long nails) and then massage in slow circles. This will get them so relaxed that some dogs almost fall over!
  • Water therapy like that offered at Rummy’s Beach Club is also helpful for performance dogs whether they are involved in dock jumping or another demanding sport.  And if they have an injury, it can help them to recover more quickly.
  • Every athletic dog needs great nutrition. Consider a raw diet and probiotics for optimal performance. Adding joint supplements like MSM or glucosamine may be beneficial. Muscle testing is the key to finding out what diet and supplements are right for your dog.
  • Did your dog work too hard and need pain relief? Consider the homeopathic remedy Arnica. Homeopathy for dogs can work wonders and should be in everyone’s home. Use muscle testing to find out if homeopathy will help and if so, what is the best remedy.
  • The flower essence Cerato, Clematis and Impatiens can help your dog to focus. Olive is helpful for those that are exhausted from competitions. Flower essences can be very helpful for dogs. A custom blend made just for your dog is even better!
  • Crystal therapy  for animals can be beneficial.  The crystals fluorite, labradolite and tiger’s eye help your dog to focus. 

Blessings to you and the animals you love!