Photo By Robyn Arouty,
A proposed ban on PitBulls angers a PetTalk reader and he wants you to take a stand agains the legislation. Here is John J.’s (email: letter to our readers:
“JUSTINS LAW” does not do justice for pitbulls and/ or pitbull mixes. Serenia Clinton’s attorney Cynthia Kent, a Tyler attorney( former district Judge of Tyler, Texas) just started lobbying a bill in the Texas Legislature on Tuesday January 11, 2011. Serenia Clinton’s attorney notes the ultimate goal is banning ownership of all pitbulls and/ or pit-mixes. Essenstially this proposed bill is a ” genocide on the pitbull breed.” They will make it a felony to own a pitbull and/ or pit-mix statewide, and if passed will try to make it a Nationwide ban.
I am a proud owner of a pit-terrier mix named Roscoe, and I along with  my friends and neighbors love him and would be shocked for him to be euthanised. Just because he is breed specific ( having pitbull genes in him). Roscoe does not deserve this kind of unjustifiable treatment, nor does any other owner of pitbulls and/ or pit-mixes. I train Roscoe with love, I train him to be a fun, happy, healthy pitbull, I do not train him to be mean and aggresive towards others. Since I heard about this proposed bill, I started a campaign petition called ROSCOE’S RESCUE ( “protecting those who cannot protect themsevles”). I setup a ROSCOE’S RESCUE FACEBOOK account, including a link to a petition site where everybody can go to signup and make sure that JUSTINS BILL is defeated.
I have contacted local businesses such as S.N.A.P., Central Houston Animal Clinic, and other’s asking for help. I would love for the public to write, email, call their Texas State Senator and Representatives and tell them ” NO TO JUSTINS LAW.”  There are already laws in place here in the State of Texas ( Vernon’s Texas Statute’s and Code’s 822.041 ) that are for dangerous dogs. JUSTINS LAW is not JUSTIFIABLE, I call the bill JUSTINS GENOCIDE LAW. This is not the way to go; there are smarter, more logical ways. I have included the website to go to send your responses There are already other Countries that have banned breed specific dogs, (pitbulls, rotweillers, dobermans, german shepards,and mastiffs). Let’s not follow in the steps of banning breed specific; this is America, and our dogs are truly man’s best friend. Pitbulls also served in the army, right next to our soldiers on the front lines in battle. They deserve our respect, just like the soldiers that defended and continue to defend our great Country. GOD BLESS AMERICA.