BARC, Houston’s city animal shelter, experienced a historic weekend with a high volume of adoptions, so much so that BARC management conveyed that they ran out of cats! Well…not exactly. Animals that are ready for adoption have been spayed or neutered and prepared for a new home. There are plenty of additional animals at BARC ย in need of a home but they are not sterilized yet due to capacity challenges (by law, animals must be spayed or neutered before BARC can adopt them out to the public). ย The team at BARC had a frenzied weekend and now they are all busy working on spay/neuter so that the inventory for the public can be full again. Let’s hope this trend continues and that we actually do run out of homeless animals in Houston…and then, in the famous words of Astronaut James Lovell, Houston would no longer “have a problem”!

Factoids for the weekend adoption spree:

For Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there were 400 live releases (Dogs-cats- 2 ducks and 2 lizards)

* In three days,the average of outplacement equaled what is normally the monthly outplacement rate.

* They ran out of sterilized cats for adoption.

* The offsite adoption at Kroger in the Heights ran out of dogs three hours after opening (3:00 PM).

* Ffosters had to be called to bring in available dogs-cats to BARC for adoption.

* 3 out of the four lines at BARC where for adoption not turn ins.

* The entire BARC team worked morning, noon and night.

* Now, the entire team is going to assist with spay/neuther surgeries.