A Letter From Bett Sundermeyer,


BARC (Houston ‘s animal control or city pound) is overflowing with cats/kittens (it is kitten season).  Euthanasia is at an alarming rate to make room for more.  You can help stop this by fostering a cat or litter. BARC doesn’t want to keep litters because it takes several weeks for them to be big enough to spay/neuter and adopt out.

Your bathroom or laundry room could save lots of tiny lives.  If it’s a nursing litter, the momma cat will do most of the work.  All you need to provide is a safe spot and some food and water.

I was at BARC last weekend and saw at least 4 momma cats with nursing litters (that’s after I pulled 3 litters myself).  I also saw several litters of bigger kittens that were eating on their own but still too small to spay/neuter.  They all REALLY need to get out ASAP as they are at risk.

I also saw several adult cats with upper respiratory infections (URI).  This is like a human cold… sneezing, runny eyes.  It’s pretty easy to treat and the animal is good as new in 7-10 days. But, something like URI is a reason for animals to be killed. If you could take a sick kitty until he/she gets well, it will literally save his/her life.

PLEASE CONSIDER FOSTERING TODAY.  It will truly save lives.

I will be at BARC this morning (Sat) from about 11:30-1:30.  If you would like to come to BARC during that time, I will help you thru the foster process. My cell number is below.



Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.