Connie Archer of Bark Busters

Bark Busters Home Dog Training is proud to announce the kick-off of a new program designed to train volunteers at area shelters to work with adoptable dogs to help get them more “adoption-ready”.

The kick-off to this program begins on February 21, 2009, at 9:00 A.M. at the Houston Humane Society, 14700 Almeda Road, Houston, Tx.  Connie Archer, behavioral therapist and trainer for Bark Busters, says, “We are very excited about this new program and the response we have had from the volunteers at Houston Humane.  Our goal with this program is to make those shelter dogs even more appealing to the potential adopter by teaching the volunteers to work on some very basic skills with the dogs.”  Instead of just getting the dogs out to run and play, volunteers will have the basic tools to be able to work with the dogs on basic commands, such as sit, down, sitting to have leash put on, and teaching the dogs to walk without pulling on the leash.  Bark Busters trainer Donna Smith adds, “This should be a win-win situation for both the volunteers and the dogs.  It will be very rewarding for the volunteers to know that they are not only giving the dogs exercise time, but that they can now help these dogs develop some basic skills to make them more adoptable and better able to assimilate into their future homes.”

The training for volunteers consists of three Saturday morning sessions with Bark Busters trainers.  Each session will include classroom learning on such topics as body language and voice tones, as well as hands-on work with actual shelter dogs.  Classes are limited to twenty volunteers.  “It was exciting to see how quickly the first class filled up.  In two days, the first class of 20 was full.  We have already starting registering for the second set of classes, and it is filling fast,” said Archer. “The enthusiasm for the program has been great.”

“We at Bark Busters have been looking for a way to help our area shelters.  This seems to be a way to help motivate volunteers and help the dogs all at the same time,” said Smith, of Bark Busters. “If this program proves to be successful, we may try to expand it to help other area shelters as well.”