alupetstationA local waste removal service, Call To Doody, is wasting no time expanding their business by offering additional products and services. In addition to their residential yard cleaning service, Call To Doody also offers commercial services for businesses and events. There’s no doubt that it is more pleasant, sanitary and healthy to have pet waste scooped and disposed of routinely. (There are many health hazards to leaving waste on the ground and you can learn all about the diseases and parasites that can take hold in a yard by visiting Call To Doody’s “Why Scoop Poop” page).

In addtion to waster removal, Call To Doody is also selling DOGIPOT commercial stations in varying sizes and styles. The presence of DOGIPOT PET STATIONS will help keep your parks, recreation and common areas, and our environment clean and beautiful. They are perfect for home communities, veterinarian offices, dog parks, and more. If your office, home community, park or place of business is in need of a waster removal system, you can view the styles and prices at

New products are also offered by Call To Doody including pet waste removal signs, “No Poop Zone” signs and other novelty items or signs for pet related businesses. If you are in need of residential service, a commercial station or sign, give owner Nathalie Bland a call at 281-573-8970 or email Reclaim your yard or park today!