Camp Bow Wow in Kemah has a challenge for you!

Grab your dog or cat and come in for your official weigh-in and sign up to participate in our 7-week weight loss challenge!  Your workout team is either you and your dog or you and your cat. We combine your weight and the team with the greatest percentage of weight lost, wins!  The Grand Prize is a FREE YEAR of services at the Camp or Home Buddies of choice (that’s a $3,000 value!), plus $150 to and a free year of dog or cat food from Nulo (a $600 value)!  We even have prizes for the top 25 runner up contestants!  Only the first and last weigh-ins are official and all weigh-ins in between are for fun and at the discretion of the entrant to create a competitive environment.


To bring awareness to pet obesity and to create a fun nationwide competition, Camp Bow Wow and Home Buddies are launching The Furry Fitness Challenge!  On June 11, 2011, our Camps and Home Buddies locations around the nation will be holding the initial weigh-in events.  Your workout team (you and your dog or you and your cat) will go to the Camp or Home Buddies event, have some fun, and do your official weigh-in.

Then, you’ll have 7 weeks (until 8/6/11) to shed some pounds with your pet!  The team with the greatest percentage of combined weight loss (not actual pounds, but the percentage of weight lost) wins!

FREE Flip Video Cameras!

We will select several contestants to receive a free Flip Video Camera so we can track your workouts and weight loss efforts via video!  And, after the challenge ends, the camera is yours to keep!


WHO: You and your dog (or cat!)

WHAT: Come meet a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, an Expert Animal Nutritionist and Animal Chiropractor

WHERE: 300 Anders Lane in Kemah (Just West of Wal-Mart)

WHEN: Saturday, 6/11/11, 11am – 2pm

WHY: To bring awareness to pet obesity and give longer, healthier lives to our pets (and us!)

Once you weigh-in and enter, we will give you special access to our contest microsite where you can upload your photos and videos, track your progress, ask a real vet and a real doctor questions about your pet or your own health and lots more!

This will be a fun challenge (with a big prize) so tell your friends, family and co-workers about it and start a friendly competition!