Ivan, a three year old Miniature Dachshund male, was brought to the Citizens for Animal Protection shelter in early February.He was extremely obese and could not walk. CAP hopes to find a new, loving home for Ivan but in the meantime, they are sponsoring surgery for this wonderful little dog, who will make someone a loving and loyal companion.

Shelby Kibodeaux is fostering Ivan and took him to the Canine Health Institute for evaluation. CHI has graciously donated their services for Ivan, and they have determined that Ivan will require an operation to correct an intervertebral disc compressing his spinal cord. 

Canine Health Institute, a new diagnostic and rehabilitation veterinary practice, has graciously donated ALL of their services for Ivan, including his initial evaluation, MRI’s, and post-operative therapy. CAP is covering half the costs of Ivan’s operation, which will cost around $1750. CAP is asking for donations to help Ivan get healthy and find a forever home. Visit them online to make a donation, www.cap4pets.org.

After Ivan has surgery, the Canine Health Institute can start his rehabilitation which may last 6-8 weeks or longer depending on how he progresses. Ivan will probably begin with cryotherapy, massage, and a series of range of motion exercises. At 7-14 days after surgery, he can start more exercises with assisted standing. After about 3 weeks, he will start hydrotherapy or water therapy with either swimming or underwater treadmill work. He will then progress with full range of conditioning exercises as his neurologic status improves and he can bear weight on his own.