December 21: A group of three concerned individuals are working tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate six street dogs from extremely bad and dangerous conditions in the Walnut Street area at the far east end of downtown Houston and are seeking support from the community.

This sad situation is a reminder of the troubling homeless pet population in Houston, where an estimated 80,000 dogs and cats are killed each year in area shelters, not to mention the thousands who roam the streets, suffering while creating more homeless animals. These citizens have taken it upon themselves to make a difference.

The group has had success trapping Chloe, Alana and Gypsy. These three have all been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. Understandably shy and frightened, they are currently in a boarding kennel in southeast Houston.
Gypsy, a rugged, black Chow mix, has a few treatable conditions – vaginal prolapse, an open wound near the prolapse area, and skin lesions on her back.
Chloe, a gentle Golden Retriever mix, and Alana, a quiet, roan-colored, Shepherd mix, also have skin issues, and possibly arthritis.
All three dogs have bad cases of heartworms. Per a veterinarian’s recommendation, they must wait for their general health to improve before starting heartworm treatment, and this treatment is intensive and expensive.
The three remaining dogs, still on the loose, are Miranda, Scout (the youngest of the three) and Khumba. These dogs not been able to be trapped to date and their genders are unknown.
All six dogs need expensive medical care, long-term boarding and rehabilitation work in order to prepare them for foster homes and eventual adoption. Donations via are most appreciated to help turn around the lives of these beautiful, helpless and deserving animals. Each of the three citizens has all contributed to the extent their personal finances can bear. They need donations so they can continue to provide them with the ongoing care and attention needed to ready them for a wonderful life in a home, instead of barely surviving on the street. They are also working to put on a fundraising event and need items for the silent auction.