Submitted by Corridor Rescue:
This week Cody and I are asking for help for one of our very special Corridor dogs….not too original, but his name is BUSTER!
Take a look at Buster!  Starvation nearly took the life right out of this boy.  This is a true story of rescue in the Corridor of Cruelty.  Buster is only about 1 year old (09/2012), yet he has never known what the “good life” is all about.  Buster is a black and white boxer mix, desperately seeking a loving family to help him forget his past.
Buster and his friend, Angel, were found by accident, or better yet, fate.  One of our amazing Corridor volunteers had misunderstood the directions of the feeding route and ended up in a spot that was not a true feeding spot.  She got out of her car and saw this bag of bones very slowly crawl out of the woods.  In the words of the rescuer “Shocked doesn’t even begin to describe what I felt.  The poor guy rocked me to my core because he was in such bad shape…just skin and bones.”  Before she had quite gotten a hold of the situation, Angel came slowly out of the woods as well in even worse condition than Buster.  Neither of the pups had an ounce of energy to spare, so they turned to go lay back in their hiding place.  There was no way these pups could have survived 48 more hours without food and water.  Death was knocking at their door and Corridor Rescue jumped into action.
Both dogs were immediately taken into the veterinarian.  The initial assessment was grim; basic vaccinations were put aside to simply hydrate and feed these dogs.  After just a couple of days, great improvement was already noted simply from giving food and water.  In just one short month with Corridor Rescue, Buster gained 25 pounds and lots of energy.
Buster has come so far since his very fortunate last day in the Corridor.  He still has a few pounds to gain, but now with regular meals, that is an easy task.  He was recently neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped.  Unfortunately, being a stray for the first year of his life has resulted in heartworms.  Buster is half way through his treatment and we need a SPECIAL FOSTER to help Buster get through the rest of his treatment and onward to full health!
Buster is looking for a foster family that is willing to help him get through heartworm treatment and also show him that he will be loved and taken care of for the rest of his life.  All medical treatments are paid for by Corridor Rescue, but we would love to see him gain trust in people and build bonds outside of the kennel where he currently lives.  Buster is very good with people, but has shown to get really excited around small dogs and cats.  This is most likely a characteristic that can be resolved, considering he had a bonded canine friend out on the streets.
This pup has turned into a well-mannered, yet high energy dog.  He will need a dedicated foster to keep him calm during his heartworm treatment, but will ultimately require a very active household with daily exercise, lots of fun activities and some training.  Buster could be an excellent running partner in the near future.  Please consider fostering Buster because it will be a blessing for him and a truly rewarding experience for you.
Please note that all FOSTER homes are provided with everything they need for their CRI foster dog and the group covers all medical costs.  To complete a foster application, please visit:
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