Each year, lots of new fish keepers discover the natural wonder of aquariums where you get to not only observe the aquatic world, but also create it. Owning an aquarium can be very rewarding and usually less work than a dog or cat but there needs to be a small amount of planning before taking a leap into the watery world of fish, here are some tips on the design and installation of aquariums.


First, you need to ask yourself “How much is an aquarium going to cost?”  Well, that depends on the size and what you want to keep.  Small aquariums (5 gallons up to 29 gallons) can usually be purchased for under $500.  Larger aquariums starting at 50 gallons and up can cost $500 to several thousand dollars.  That includes the tank itself, substrate, filters, fish, heaters, decorations, food, and a stand or piece of furniture to set it on.  A lot of times you can get away with putting a small tank on a piece of furniture you already have.  Keep in mind the weight of the tank, plus the water and substrate, and if the furniture can support it.  You do not want it collapsing and the tank crashing to the floor!  If you have any doubts on the weight be sure to buy a stand that is made to work with the size tank you purchase.  


Next, deciding where the tank is going in your home is super important.  You do not want it near a window or in direct sunlight.  You also want to make sure the floor can support the weight.  Be sure to measure the space where it’s going to go and determine if there is ample room behind and around it so you can place equipment and do maintenance.  Lastly, keeping the tank in a low traffic area of the home is better for the fish so they are not stressed by lots of movement.  

Do you want your aquarium free standing or built into a wall or room?  If you don’t want it freestanding, you will need to get a quote from a contractor to build out the space you want the aquarium to be in, whether it’s in a wall or enclosed in a custom cabinet.  


Now that your aquarium is up and running, are you going to keep up with the monthly or weekly water changes?  What about water testing?  If you want a hands off approach to enjoying your aquarium, or your excited to create your aquarium with the help of our design services, be sure to give Wright Aquarium Services a call so we can take care of it for you! We can help you through the entire process and provide maintenance as well. To learn more, visit us online at wrightaquariumservices.com.  

Owning an aquarium can be very rewarding before taking a leap into the watery world of fish, here are some tips on the design and installation of aquariums. We hope this helped you decide if owning and maintaining an aquarium is something you would like.

By John Wright Ibarra, www.wrightacquariumservices.com