shutterstock_5392135 [320x200]Did you know that the #1 ultimate cause is stress? It affects animals just like people.  If an animal is stressed out, it can lead to behavioral problems or health conditions.  So what is the key to a healthy pet?

First, think of your pet on a holistic (wholistic) level.

  • Animals need to be looked at as a whole – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.
  • You need to look at your pet’s needs on ALL levels, not just the surface.  Animals are sentient beings.  They feel, think and have emotions just like we do.
  • If you truly SEE your animal as a whole, they will know it, appreciate it and respect you for it.

Secondly, if you want your pet to live a happier, healthier and longer life, you start with prevention.

  • Most illness and disease is a result of emotional blockages caused by stress.  You get stressed right?  Well it should not be that hard to believe that animals get stressed, too.  Any animal can become stressed – a young animal, an older animal, an adopted animal, a new animal…
  • Do whatever you can to remove stress from their life. It can be as simple as not putting food bowls near one another or adding another litter box.  Look at their environment carefully.  Evaluate things.  Are your pets fighting with one another?  What seems to trigger it?  Do you have red pet accessories or furniture?  The color red can cause aggression in animals. Do you always feed, groom or walk one animal last?  They know they are last and this can affect them.  Be fair to your pets.  Is your pet all by itself while you are gone and has anxiety issues?  This can be because it wonders if you are truly coming back or because it is simply lonely be all by itself in your home.  Is your schedule fluctuating a lot and they are not seeing you as often or seem confused?  Any kind of change can be stressful. Some things you can change, others you can’t.  If you can’t change your schedule, talk to them and let them know what is going on.  Are you using chemicals in the house or lawn and they are being affected by the odor or touching them?  Some animals are so sensitive this is stressful to them.  If you think hard enough, you can probably figure out some things that are causing stress in your animal’s life.  Do the best you can to help reduce or eliminate them.
  • It is possible you are stressed and your pet is reacting.  Animals can feed off of your emotions.  If you are stressed, you can make your animal become stressed.  Honestly, this happens quite a bit.  Do what you can for yourself to help your own stress levels.  You may see that this helps your pet, too.  Many pets take on a new and improved attitude when they see their owner is doing the same.

Next, take a look at their diet.

  • Your pet can be allergic to one ingredient.  They may need a grain or lactose free diet or can eat only certain proteins.  For instance, many animals need a grain free diet.  Some people feed cheese or yogurt and their pet should not be eating milk based products since they are allergic to them.  A lot of dogs are not able to eat chicken right now.  They are doing better on beef.  For more info on nutrition, see the blog on nutrition.
  • A healthy pet can handle stress better.  If the basic diet is contributing to their health issues, then no matter what else you do for them, it may be just a temporary fix.
  • Muscle testing is the best way to find the ideal diet and amounts.

And lastly, take a look at what you can do to help your pet become and stay a happy and healthy animal.

Blessings to you and the animals you love!